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Alue Naga Beach – Wide Charming Black Sand Beach in Banda Aceh

Alue Naga Beach is charming three kilometers wide black sand beach in Banda Aceh overlooking to Malacca Strait with the beautiful Weh Island view and coconut trees overgrown along the beach. Alue Naga is a traditional fishing village in Syiah Kuala district, Banda Aceh city, Aceh Province. The beach can be reached about 15 minutes driving from the center of Banda Aceh city. On the way to the beach, you will see the beautiful mangrove forest and sea pine trees along the road and you will also see the beauty Aceh River with the traditional fishing boats parks along the river.

Alue Naga Beach

On December 2004, the earthquake and tsunami disaster destroyed the village and the bridge as well that connected two villages of Alue Naga Village and Tibang Village. The abandoned bridge still can be seen on the river.

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Alue Naga Beach is not popular among the tourist, this marine tourism is only popular among the local and fishing lovers who live in Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar Regency. The beach is very calm and suitable for swimming, but the beach lack of the tourism facilities such as toilet, restaurant and the hotel. You can find some traditional stalls selling the soft drink and snacks.

Alue Naga Beach

Alue Naga is a popular fishing spot among the local. You will see a lot of people come here in the afternoon for fishing. The best spot for fishing in this place is at the end of the river estuary to hook some grouper. The beach become a livelihood for some people in Alue Naga and since many anglers come to this place for fishing, it creates the opportunity for local community. You will see many small shop selling the fishing equipment and live prawn here.

Nearest Attractions:

The best things to do in Alue Naga Beach are enjoy the dramatic sunset view and hunting photos. The sunset moment here is very stunning view and perfect phenomenon of the sunset. You can also take the photography of the charming sunset in this wide beach.

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