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Best Places To Dive In Sumatra

Sumatra is an island in Indonesia that offer many best places to dive. Dive in Sumatra not only become top Indonesian diving destinations but it offers more personal experience. Pulau Weh is the highlight with great visibility up to 40 meters. Other best places to dive in Sumatra is Mentawai, originally many surfers community in this area but it also possible to dive here with visibility up to 15 meters. There some beautiful pinnacles to visit here in open sea. Bintan island also offer best place to dive in Sumatra, there are very beautiful coral reefs to explore in this place. Here is the list of the best place to dive in Sumatra:


dive in weh island

Weh Island is a top best places to dive in Sumatra. One of the natural underwater exist in Aceh, Weh Island has very charm in the underwater world. One of the world class diving in Indonesia is located in Aceh. Weh Island is one of the diving sites that you should visited. There are up to 20 dive spots around Weh Island with variety of underwater attraction such as coral reefs condition which categorized as the best coral in entire western coast of Sumatera and also millions of colorful fishes. Pulau Weh has great visibility up to 40 meters. Dive in Pulau Weh offers unforgettable experience. Weh island sea garden is one of attractions that offer very beautiful coral reefs and many fish species to see such as manta rays and many others species.

dive in pulau weh


Surprisingly, Dive in Padang or dive in Mentawai is not well known. The beautiful of underwater in Indian Ocean are home of the various coral reefs and variety of underwater treasures has recently become a concern of divers exploring the blue ocean of Padang and Mentawai. Mentawai not only famous for its world class surfing place but very rich with underwater coral reefs.

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Bintan island is located not far from Singapore. Bintan has a great white sandy beaches and dive in Bintan island offers beautiful underwater attractions. Bintan island is one of 3000 islands and small islands stretched from the Malacca Strait to the South China Sea. Bintan was one of busy cruise route. There are number of dive site here offer the best places to dive in Sumatra. One of the dive site in Bintan is shipwreck. Dive in Bintan Shipwreck sites offer beautiful panorama and numerous fishes.


dive in natuna

Natuna island consists of 272 islands including Riau islands. Natuna located in the Natuna Sea. Bintan island borders with Malaysia and Kalimantan in the west and the east. Dive in Natuna offers clear water and natural beauty. One of dive site in Natuna is Senayang Island. Senayang Island is the host of sailing events. Beside diving in Senayang island, it also held various tourist activities. In this dive site local people boasts lush reefs and Napoleonic Legendary fish.


Lingga is also an island locate in Natuna Sea. Dive in Lingga island offers beautiful sea garden to explore. One of dive site in Lingga is Bunan Island. Here you can see beautiful coral reefs and various fish.

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