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Diving in Derawan Island, Kalimantan

Diving in Derawan Island spread in three neighboring islands namely Derawan, Sanglaki and Kakaban. In addition, Maratua Island is another place in this area  that attract many divers. Derawan Island is located in the east of Kalimantan.

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On this island you will find the sea turtles and manta rays. The interesting caves and a pier from you will jump down to the sea and start to dive in find all the interesting things. Many people dive in this place just to see the creature of the carapace. There are bungalows on the white sand beach that can rent by the visitors.

diving in derawan island

Diving in Derawan Island offers many diving activities including diving in the steep walls, exploring the shipwreck and diving on the beach. See the green sea turtles may be the most exciting experience here, but diving in Derawan Island from the shallow beach to a depth is also interesting. While you are underwater, you will see another diverse of marine life. if you dive in Derawan Island will provide unforgettable diving experience of the charm of the sea.

Derawan Island Dive Sites


derawan island shipwreck dive

This is a favorite place of divers in Derawan Island. The maximum depth is 27 meters, you can enjoy the surrounding of the shipwreck, including the cliff as you dive towards a shipwreck that looks like a burning giant. The marine life in the shipwreck area makes this place alluring. There are many scorpion fish, giant mussels, cuttlefish, squid and sea eels in this shipwreck offering pleasant surprises.

The Blue Trigger Point

blue trigger point derawan island dive

If you are interested in diving along the coral walls, some blue trigger fish will await for you here.  The abundant supply of food in this blue sea waters contributes the fertile growth of marine life. Here you will find gorgonian fan reefs, black coral like the trees and soft coral that will be thousands of marine biota has good quality of life. This amazing dive spot in derawan is also place of ghost pipe fish, eagle fish, shrimp, crabs, barracuda and fusilier fish. A large number of trigger fish can be found here.


lighthouse derwan island dive

Another popular place of diving in Derawan Island is Lighthouse, Snapper Point and the Old White Pier. Lighthouse and Snapper Point are similar to Blue Trigger Point. While diving in this awesome Island, you will be able to see the friendly sea turtles.

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