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Gunongan Man Made Mountain Miniature Historical Park

Gunongan is a man made mountain miniature built in 1608-1638 by Sultan Iskandar Muda. Gunongan located in Gunongan Historical Park in the city center of Banda Aceh. According to the history, Putroe Phang which is means princess of Pahang, who was from Pahang, Malaysia. For sake of love to his wife, Sultan Iskandar Muda was fulfill his wife request to build a very beautiful park completed with Gunongan to console herself of longing on the mountain atmosphere in her origin place. Originally the princess of Pahang or in Acehnese Putroe Phang is the name of princess Kamaliah.


This Gunongan building likely functioned as an important recreational place located in Putroe Phang Park for the queen and other royal family members to climb the mountain miniature. On the wall of Gunongan has a small door as entrance and from the hallway there is a ladder leading to the level of three.

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Gunongan Historical Park and Putroe Phang park is located near governor residence and it also close to Sultan Selim II Convention Hall Aceh Community Center. Approximately 12 minutes walk from Great Baiturrahman Mosque and 8 minutes walk from tsunami museum in Banda Aceh.

There also has building beside the gunongan, it looks like a fort is also a recreational place for the queen and others royal family. Gunongan stands 9.5 meters high, the entire of Gunongan is octagonal that describe a flower built in three level. So the Gunongan is mountain symbol that is part of the palace park of the Aceh Sultanate.

This gunongan is quite enjoyable to visit. Tourists visit this gunongan not only for a sightseeing but also a historical tour to get to know the history of Kingdom of Aceh in the past. This Gunongan was added as Cultural Category to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List on October 19th, 1995. Gunongan Historical Park is one of a great place to visit in Indonesia.

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