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Gurutee Sea Canyon

Gurutee is the peak of the mountain located in Aceh Jaya regency. Gurutee is often used as a place to stop on the way to Banda Aceh or Meulaboh. This place also one of tourist attraction in Aceh Jaya because it offer beautiful view of the Ocean and the beautiful islands from the top of the Gurutee mountain.


Gurutee is located approximately 76 kilometers from Banda Aceh city and about one and half hour trip from Banda Aceh. Approximately 2 hours drive if you depart from Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport, Aceh Besar. The Gurutee peak is located on the border between Aceh Besar regency and Aceh Jaya regency.

The condition of the road to the Gurutee is quite good because the road was built by USAID and other international aid after the tsunami hit Aceh on December 2004 ago. But if you are riding a motorcycle from the city of Banda Aceh or usually foreign tourist rent a motorbike in Lhoknga Beach and riding to this place, you are encouraged to be extra careful because the road is steep inclines.

Gurutee is a protected forest area and part of Ulu Masen forest which is the world’s lung in Aceh. Gurutee is face to the Indian Ocean, so the visitors can see the blue sea directly from the top of the peak. The visitors can also see from the top the white sandy beaches and 2 islands, this islands also surrounded by the white sandy beaches.

In the top of this peak there are many cafes for the tourists. The tourists can relax in this cafes while enjoy the natural scenery. There are many culinary can be easily found here. In the Durian and Rambutan fruit season, the tourist can easily find it here.

Gurutee Mountain

In this place there are also various types of monkeys, but this monkeys are accustomed to interact with the tourists every day. In the afternoon the tourists can also see the sunset, the sunset here is really beautiful moment while the sun goes down behind the ocean along with the cafes lights that make the best view.

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