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Kerkhof Peucut Dutch Soldier Graveyard In Aceh

Kerkhof Peucut is the burial of the Dutch soldiers who died in Aceh during Peucut war. It about 2.200 Dutch soldiers were buried in this graveyard including General Kohler. All the name of the soldiers and when they died can be seen at the gateway to the Kerkhof Peucut.

biggest Dutch cemetery in the world

The Kerkhof Peucut is located beside of the Tsunami Museum which located strategically in the center of Banda Aceh city that easy to reach by car or taxi.

This Kerkhof is one of Ducth herritage in Banda Aceh. According to the history, in Aceh war in 1873, General Kohler was shot dead in Aceh Peucut war in front of Baiturrahman Great Mosque on April 14th, 1873 and brought to Batavia (the name used in colonial era for Jakarta) and buried there. in May 19th, 1978, the government of Netherlands cooperated with government of Indonesia and Aceh provincial government brought back the corpse skeleton of the General Kohler to Aceh and buried in Kerkoff Peucut in Banda Aceh with military ceremony. At this time, the historical monument where General Kohler shot can be seen in front of Baiturrahman Great Mosque in the eastern.

Kerkhof Peucut is a proof of the history of Acehnese brave struggle against the Dutch colonialist while tried to control Aceh. In this burial there are 4 General. At the time of the tsunami on December 2004, Kerkhof is one of the badly affected.

Currently Kerkhof Peucut is treated by the city government of Banda Aceh. It can be seen in the area of graveyard very clean and there are many flowers planted in front of the gate. Kerkoff Peucut is a little visitors who visit this place. Generally, only the tourists who love history both from domestic or foreign who visit this place.

Kerkhof in Aceh

This graveyard is one of Dutch soldier burial where other cemeteries can be found in various locations in Aceh somewhat difficult to identify. This Kerkhof Peucut area is about 3.5 hectares and it is the biggest Dutch cemetery in the world outside of Netherlands.

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