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Pelaga Village, Agro Tourism Attractions Village in Badung, Bali

Pelaga Village is a village in Petang district, Badung Regency, Bali Island, Indonesia. This village is popular as an Agro tourism village in Badung regency, Bali. This village can be reached approximately 45 minutes from Denpasar. It is located approximately 46 kilometers from Denpasar and situated on a hilly highland and in this place very low pollution levels.

pelaga village

Pelaga Village has an area of 3545,2 hectares which is consist of nine hamlets namely, Auman, Bukian, Bukit Munduk Tiying, Kiadan, Nungnung, Pelaga, Semanik, Tinggan, and Tiyingan. This village has beautiful scenery and comfortable temperature and calm place.

In this Pelaga Village, it offers the very interesting tourist attractions or agro tourism with its beautiful ecology that this village has. In this place planted a lot of varieties of horticulture with organic system such as strawberry, vanilla, coffee, corn and also varieties of vegetables and fruits.

The Pelaga Village area is terraces with many hills, this conditions make the adventurer often used for hiking activities. Usually they start hiking in Penataran Mangu Temple and passing through the beautiful fields, forest and finish in Bratan Lake, Bedugul. From Pelaga hamlets and Bukian, Agung Mount can be seen in the east.

The stretches of plantations garden and the hilly landscape really beautiful. In the west of Pelaga village you can also find the same panorama with green hills. In the northern part of this village is bordered with state-owned protected forest and Puncak Mangu Temple.

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If you are going holiday to Bali, you should put this place on your list place to visit. This Pelaga agro tourist attractions Village will give you different experience and make you really close to nature. You may also learn of how the local people in this village grow the horticulture plantations and other plantations with the modern system and modern irrigation system.

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