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Petang Village, Badung Regency – Bali Island

Petang Village is a village located in Petang District, Badung Regency, Bali Island, Indonesia. This village has an area of 13.25 square kilometers. This village approximately 32 kilometers from Denpasar city located at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level.

petang village

The majority of the population in Petang Village are farmers. Most of farmers in this village work in rice fields and the rest they work in the gardens. You can see many rice fields and garden in this village. This condition offers original rural ambience.

This Petang Village is also one of village tourist destination in Badung regency which is offers the beautiful natural attractions. the natural attractions in this village almost the same like Pelaga Village with its agro tourism attractions. in this village you can also find the horticulture plantations, vegetables, and the fruits. Besides there are many green terraced rice fields look very charm.

This Petang Tourism Village is worth to visit when you are going for holiday in Bali. The local people in this village very friendly and has very strong Balinese culture. The charming of the village, the hospitable of local people and the strong Balinese culture in this village make this place very interesting to visit.

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In this Petang Tourism Village you also can see the beautiful Ayung River which is flow through three regencies. Ayung River is very popular rafting river in Bali. Not only for Ayung Rafting Sport Activity but this river is also support the source of water for plantations in the three regencies. The tourist also can see Ayung Waterfall if they do rafting sport activity in Ayung River. Besides the attractions, the rafters can also see the several waterfalls along the river, the river canyon, rare birds, thousands of bats and also gray and black monkey hanging on the trees give the rafter beautiful memories.

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