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Top 22 Most Popular Things to Do in Nusa Dua Bali – Popular Tourist Attractions and Best Places to Visit in Nusa Dua Bali, Indonesia – Where to go and what to do!

Nusa Dua is a peninsula area located in southeast of Bali Island. Nusa Dua is part of South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia. It is popular as inclusive and luxury beach resort with incredible world class resort facilities and offer a lots of things to do in Nusa Dua Bali. Nusa Dua mean “two islands” which is refer to the two islands located in this place called Nusa Dharma Island and Peninsula Island. The luxurious paradise and white golden sand beaches are the main tourist attractions in Nusa Dua Bali. Some of the best places to visit in Nusa Dua is Nusa Dua Beach comprising Mengiat Beach in the middle, Geger Beach in the south and Sawangan Beach which is part of the Gran Nikko Bali. This upscale area offers many things to do ranging from swimming, snorkeling, shopping to camel safari along the beach. Here are we present the list of the interesting things to do in Nusa Dua Bali:

  1. Visit Geger Beach

Geger Beach Nusa Dua

Geger Beach is a golden white sand beach stretches about one kilometer in the southern of Nusa Dua. The beach is still very natural and very clean. The calm sea water is very suitable for swimming and sunbathing. This beach is also perfect for honeymoon destination in Bali because the beach is out of the bustle of tourism activities such as Tanjung Benoa. This picturesque beach shared beachfront with Bali National Golf Club and also the popular resort of the St. Regis Bali. For sun seeker this hidden green-blue water beach is the exact place for them. In this place you can also see the cliff top temple with the same name, Geger Temple and the seaweed farmers. Besides, swimming and sunbathing you can also enjoy the stunning view of the sunrise in early morning.

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  1. Watching Water Blow

Waterblow in Nusa Dua

This water blow is a must see attractions in Nusa Dua Bali, located in Peninsula Island or about 30 minutes driving from Ngurah Rai International Airport. This water blow is a waves crashing upwards about 4 meters high because it hit the rock that create stunning beauty of water blow attractions. The moment to see the water blowing up higher is not every day. The best time to see it between July to November with very high upwards splashing sea waters. This water blow is very popular and unique things to see in Nusa Dua and sometimes it becomes pre-wedding photo shoot.

  1. Explore Peninsula Island

Nusa Peninsula Island

Peninsula Island is an island in Nusa Dua with the total area of 7.4 hectares surrounded with Blue Ocean scenic view and splendid white sand beaches. The largest part of this island is the green field. In the middle of the green grass field, you can see the monument with statues. In this island has a jogging track surrounding island and it can be as a place to do some exercise or spend time with family walking along this small island while enjoying the beautiful nature. The jogging track can also lead you to popular tourist attractions in Nusa Dua, Water Blow, in the east side of the island. The coastal area of the island surrounded by the reefs rock make it different than other coastal area in Nusa Dua. If you come in early morning, you can view amazing sunrise from this island. In addition, in this island has also a temple located above the coastal reef rock called Bias Tugel Temple.

  1. Explore Nusa Dharma Island

Nusa Dharma Island

Nusa Dharma Island is another island in Nusa Dua. This island and Peninsula Island are the originate name of “Nusa Dua” which is mean “Two Islands”. The nusa Dharma Island situated in the north of Nusa Dua where Nusa Peninsula situated in the southern. Nusa Dharma Island is smaller than Peninsula Island but it offers interesting scenery, calm and comfortable atmosphere. Same as Peninsula Island, in this island you can also enjoy the natural beauty and walking around the jogging track. In Peninsula you can see the Bias Tugel Temple whereas in Nusa Dharma you can also find a temple called Nusa Dharma Island built by Tan Sie, a Chinese descendant on July 10th, 1948. The nuances of the island is mostly the same as Peninsula Island. You can watch the stunning sunrise clearly from this island.

  1. Shopping & Dining at Bali Collection

Bali Collection

Bali Collection is a shopping, dining and entertainment center in Nusa Dua Bali, standing on 8 hectares open space located in upscale five star hotel and resort area offer the outstanding lifestyle experience. It offers various luxury fashion brands from international and local. It also offer the souvenir of Balinese traditional handicraft. Bali Collection has also a number of supermarkets in this mall for you who like to find something to buy. In addition, it also provides some spa outlets with Balinese traditional treatments and various restaurant and bar with serves the international cuisine and Indonesian cuisine as well as enjoy the entertainment performances such as acoustic live music. The mall is located just a few minutes walking from your hotel in Nusa Dua or it just only 20 kilometers from Ngurah Rai International Aiport Denpasar.

  1. Visit Bali International Convention Center

Bali Covention Center

Bali International Convention Center is an International convention center can accommodate up to 2.500 guests, located in the southernmost tip of Bali, Nusa Dua world class tourist and business destination. The convention surrounded beautiful gardens, luxury hotel and resort, restaurant and lounge and the shopping mall along the stunning beaches of Nusa Dua. Being held various international summit and business conference, Bali International Convention Center offer great service and arrangement. Besides the business, it also offer the excellent arrangement for wedding packages with the fantastic decoration.

  1. Playing Golf at Nusa Dua Golf Course

Nusa Dua Golf

Playing golf is popular things to do in Nusa Dua Bali. Bali National Golf Course is located in Nusa Dua Tourism Complex that offer luxury star rated hotel and resorts. It is only a 20 minutes by car from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Bali National Golf Course has three distinct playing environment through the 18 holes course. This luxury golf course holes consist of holes 1 throughout 9 features creeks, the canyon and native vegetation already filled with tropical birds while Holes 10 throughout 16 offer the golfer through a mature. The last is the island green hole 17 and lakeside hole 18 are among the finishing holes challenging. This golf course is the best golf course in Indonesia along with it golf resort. It offers the best experience both your stay and the challenging holes. You can choose the luxury golf villa that can accommodate 6 guests that absolutely comfortable.

  1. Staying at The Laguna

Laguna Resort Nusa Dua

The Laguna is a luxury resort and Spa located in the southern Peninsula of Nusa Dua with stunning tropical environment overlooking to the beautiful Indian Ocean. Standing on 5.000 square meters offer 287 rooms with Balinese best service. This beachfront resort is the most luxury resort in Nusa Dua with beautiful white sand beach and lagoon feature. It provides exclusive experience and different experiences for the guest while holiday in Bali. Laguna has a world class facilities such as world class room service, villa, beachfront restaurant, luxury lounge and bar with lagoon feature, fitness center, lagoon spa, lagoon swimming pool, meeting ballroom, wedding ballroom and free internet access 24 hours.

  1. Staying at Nusa Dua Resort

Nusa Dua Resort

Nusa Dua Resort is the most popular five star beachfront resort in Bali with very authentic Balinese features. This multi award winning resort is located in the southern peninsula, Nusa Dua Bali, only 20 minutes from Ngurah Rai international Airport by car. It just 200 meter from white sand beach of Nusa Dua, the rooms decorated with the beautiful and authentic Balinese features complete with balcony. The facilities in the hotel included lagoon pool, beach sunbed, gym center, watersport counter, business center, spa, restaurant and bar.

  1. Visit Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua Beach are the most popular and cleanest beaches in Bali. Local known Nusa Dua Beach as Mengiat Beach, the beach are calm and very suitable for swimming and snorkeling along the sea shore, but beyond of the beach are great for surfing and offer offshore reef break. The beach is the main coastal beach in Nusa Dua with stunning white sand beach stretch less than one kilometer. The beach is not crowded such as Kuta and Seminyak. You can easily enjoy great swimming and stunning panorama. Nusa Dua Beach considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Island of Bali with its crystal clear water. In this beach you can also doing surfing, wind surfing and kite surfing. The best season to enjoy surfing is from May to September.

  1. Fly Boarding Nusa Dua

Fly Boarding at Nusa Dua

Fly Boarding is newest and challenging water sport in Nusa Dua. Besides in Nusa Dua, the fly boarding activities you can also find it in Sanur, Denpasar. This water sport activity become a trending water sport for the tourists.

  1. Staying at Hilton Resort

Hilton Resort Nusa Dua

Hilton Resort is a five star resort & hotel located on the top of the cliff, Nusa Dua. This luxury beach resort is very close to Nusa Dua Beach. The hotel & resort has 407 rooms in 15 floors building, 5 restaurant, 3 lounge, blue lagoon pool outdoor and also spa.

  1. Sea Walker Nusa Dua

Sea Walker Nusa Dua

Sea Walker is a bottom of ocean walking to see the spectacular panorama of underwater and the marine life without need scuba equipment, located in Nusa Dua. You will go down 5 to 10 meters deep from more or less 100 meters away from the beach. You will accompanied by the professional guide give you the instruction of how to use the equipment or the helmet. You will have great experience walking underwater for an hour in Nusa Dua without need to be a scuba divers. You will see colorful fishes and coral reefs. This activity very suitable for family holiday.

  1. Watching Devdan Show in Nusa Dua Theater

Devdan Show Nusa Dua Bali

Devdan Show is theatrical show in Nusa Dua Bali. It performs 4 days a week start on 7.30 P.M on every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Devdan Show is located in ITDC Nusa Dua Complex with the show features of traditional Indonesian dances and world class aerial acrobatic attractions. the performances mostly focusing on the cultures across Indonesia ranging from Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Bali, Sulawesi and Papua. The show will take 90 minutes performance will make the audience entertaining through this amazing tourist attractions in Nusa Dua Bali. You will have the most memorable experience of wonderful Bali, exotic Papua and dazzling Sumatra and many more. The staging venues can accommodate up to 700 audiences with world class room complete with Air Conditioner. The entrance fee can be check at direct call to +62361770196.

  1. Camel Safari in Nusa Dua

Camel Safari Nusa Dua

Camel Safari Nusa Dua is the unique tourism activity in Bali. Not only in Dubai, but now available in Bali. This safari will bring you to enjoy the beach tour along the white sand beach of Nusa Dua. The Bali Camel Safari is located next to grand Hilton Resort Nusa Dua. The camel handler guide always accompany you all the way from Sawangan Beach beyond Grand Hilton to Mengiat Beach. You will explore the white sand beaches, limestone cliffs and many other interesting things.

  1. Visit Geger Temple

Geger Temple

Geger Temple is the most important Hindus temple in Nusa Dua. It is one of Dang Kahyangan (Sea Temple) in Bali, located in Peminge Traditional Village, Nusa Dua, South Kuta, approximately 22 kilometers from Denpasar Bali. In the north of this temple, the stretches white sand beach with calm water while in the south of the temple presents the beautiful cliffs and the beach beyond. The beach name is the same as the temple, Geger Beach. If you come in the early morning the temple is charming with the sunrise backdrop.

  1. Visit Pasifica Museum

Pasifika Museum Nusa Dua

Pacifica Museum Nusa Dua is an art museum in Bali. Established in 2006 located in ITDC complex Nusa Dua. The museum presents Asian and Pacific culture and various cultural artifacts. Pasifica Museum is also one of the largest painting museum in Bali and very perfect place for art admirers to visit. This favorite tourist destinations in Nusa Dua Bali exhibiting various art works from famous artists, both local and international. The museum has 8 pavilions consist of 11 rooms accommodate various art works. There are at least 600 pieces art works from about 200 artists from Indonesia, Malanesia, Polynesia, Indochina and other Asian artist stored in different rooms. The rooms easily recognize based on the origin of their country such as Room I displaying art works from Indonesia, Room II Italy, Room III Dutch, Room IV French, Room V Indo-European, Room VI for exhibition purpose, Room VII Indochina, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Room VIII Polynesia, Room IX Pacific Island, Room X Oceania and Pacific, Room XI is specifically for various Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine, Myanmar, China and Japan. The museum founded by Philippe Augier and Moetaryanto opened from 10 A.M to 6 P.M local time.

  1. Praying at Puja Mandala

Puja Mandala Bali

Puja Mandala is the place of worship of 5 religions including Hindu, Muslim, Catholic Christ, Protestant Christ and Buddha located near ITDC Nusa Dua Tourism Complex. It has large parking area that can accommodate dozen of cars and motorcycles. This worship places is for the tourist who praying during the holiday in Bali. It is an unique and very interesting places to visit in Nusa Dua which is show a differences and the harmony of religious communities in Bali. The worship places name as below:

  1. Jagat Natha Temple Nusa Dua
  2. Ibnu Batutah Grand Mosque Nusa Dua
  3. The Catholic Church of Mary Perish Mother of Nation
  4. The Buddhist Temple Nusa Dua
  5. Protestant Church Nusa Dua

At the time of religious holidays, Puja Mandala very busy with the players. For the Muslim, every Friday the mosque of Ibnu Batutah is full of worshippers. For the Christian, every Sunday many worshippers come to this place and it’s the same with another 3 religions. The location of Puja Mandala only 10 minutes by motorbike from ITDC Nusa Dua Complex or 15 minutes by motorbike from Tanjung Benoa.

  1. Have a best surf & Seafood at Nusa Dua Beach Grill

Nusa Dua Beach Grill

Nusa Dua Beach Grill is one of the best surf and seafood restaurant in Nusa Dua, located close to Mulia Resort. The location of the restaurant is strategic place overlooking to Geger Lagoon Beach. Gger Beach is very exotic and most beautiful desert beach in Nusa Dua with very charming its Geger Temple located on a cliff. This restaurant provide perfect surf bar where the surfer can enjoy the great surfing wave just in front of the restaurant. The surfer can come back to the bar to have some drink and nice seafood. The price start from IDR 90.000 for couple to enjoy nice filled seafood.

  1. Surf and Turf Nusa Dua

Surf & Turf Nusa Dua

Surf and Turf Nusa Dua is the first surf of flow rider in Bali located in Nusa Dua Bali. Surf & Turf Nusa Dua stand on 3.300 square meters completed with the beach club and water park. Besides, it also offer another things to do such as canoeing activity, cycling, relaxing in the sun loungers, swimming in the pool will make the visitor have a lot of fun. The place overlooking to beautiful Nusa Dua Beach complete with the restaurant and bar with western and Asian cuisine. You can try surfing here to stand on an artificial wave made with a generator on sloping surface. You can also enjoy water slide and space bowl from 6 meter and 12 meter high for space bowl glide quickly and land on the water where the space bowl you will be spinning around in a large bowl before falling in the pool.

  1. Visit Sawangan Beach

Sawangan Beach

Sawangan Beach is the beach in front of Nikki Beach Hotel Nusa Dua. Probably many tourist doesn’t know well this beach. It better known as Nikki Beach where the local called Sawangan Beach. The beach has very big wave and strong current and it not suitable for swimming whereas the surfer can paddle the wave here from September to December. For non-surfer still can enjoy sunbathing, having delicious launch and fresh squeeze juice along this pretty beach.

  1. Bali Mandara Toll Road

Bali Mandara Toll Road

Bali Mandara Toll Road is a sea toll road through the 12.7 kilometers length bridge stretching across the gulf of Benoa connects the Denpasar city, South Kuta, Nusa Dua and Ngurah Rai international airport. You will enjoy the nice view while travelling through the toll from Nusa Dua to Ngurah Rai Airport and you will avoid the waste time on traffic jams on Ngurah Rai By Pass Road.

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