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Sanglaki Island, Derawan Islands Group, East Kalimantan

Sangalaki Island is small island and become popular for diving in 1993 and after the international conservation group (WWF) made it as a center of green turtle conservation.

sangalaki island

Sangalaki Island has an area of 15,9 Hectares located in Derawan Island. This island has shallow lagoon based on the sand and covered by coral and there Marine park very well known as the scuba diving activities.

The coral reefs of Sangalaki Island stretched 200 meters from the coastline. Diving in Sangalaki usually until a depth of 25 meters.its colorful and fertile coral reefs make this island as one of the protected marine areas in Indonesia. The beaches of Sangalaki island provide a suitable place for sea turtles. The female turtle can easily lay the eggs here.

At the night, some of them will crawl on the beach to find a place to bury them. When the baby tortoises born, many of them will appear in the sand. These hatchlings (the baby of turtles) will then crawl quickly toward the sea, trying to avoid the hungry predator on the way.

sangalaki underwater attraction

If you like diving, the beauty and the diversity of the underwater creatures around Sangalaki Island will be very interesting and will hypnotize every visitor. There are many dive site in Sangalaki Island, some of divers around the world name some of the dive favorite spot in this island namely Channel Entrance dive site, Coral Gardens dive site, Turtle Town dive site, Sandy Ridge dive site, Manta Run dive site, Sherwood Forest dive site, Manta Parade dive site, Manta Avenue dive site, Eel Ridge dive site, Lighthouse dive site, Manta Way dive site and the Rockies dive site.

sangalaki island manta paradise

Sangalaki Island is also known as the island where the sea turtle lay the eggs. You can see the unique of the turtles during the mating season closer.

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