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Syiah Kuala Beach Become Familiar For Families In Banda Aceh

One of the basic rights of the children to grow and develop is by playing, traveling and having fun with the family or with friends. The marine tourism becomes one of the tourism chosen by family. One of the sea tourism in Banda Aceh that familiar among the families is Syiah Kuala beach. Syiah Kuala beach is located not far from Syiah Kuala grave. This beach is another option for a vacation besides of Lhoknga Beach, Lampuuk Beach, Cermin Beach and Ulee Lheue beach.

Syiah Kuala Beach

This Syiah Kuala beach is a black sand beach in Banda Aceh. This beach is located approximately 3 kilometers to the east of Banda Aceh or in Deah Raya village, Syiah Kuala district, or 12 minutes from Baiturrahman Great Mosque. On this beach many families bring their children to play on this beach in the afternoon, Generally the citizens of the Banda Aceh city. Because the location is relatively close to the city.

black sand beach in Banda Aceh

The children can swim at the beach, the waves are not too big like the Lampuuk beach in Aceh Besar. In this Syiah Kuala beach very easy to find the seller that sell a variety of food and beverages. Some of the visitor bring the food from home to eat with family while their children play. In addition there are also many seller that sell the roasted corn and others kinds of snacks.

At the evening there is an interesting attraction by seeing the sunset on Syiah Kuala beach. The ocean with its sandy beaches is one of the children’s favorite exploration spots. Typical beach like sunset and unstoppable ocean waves will enrich the insights of the children.

For the children, playing on Syiah Kuala beach is very fun. Swimming or playing in the sand makes them stay long time here. Besides, there are many ponds planted with mangrove belong to people in Deah Raya village increase the breeze.

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