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Syiah kuala University

Syiah kuala university is a state university founded in 1959. The campus was named Syiah Kuala in honor of the great Ulama (Islamic scholar) of Syech Abdurrauf Bin Ali Al Jawi Al Fansury Al Singkili. Syiah Kuala is the title of Syech Abdurrauf  which his grave often visited by Moslems from various parts of the country including foreigner as well. The Syiah Kuala Grave located in Syiah Kuala districts whereas The Syiah Kuala University located in Darussalam district, Aceh Besar.

syiah kuala university

This university has many faculties including :

  1. Faculty of economics and business covering Economic of accounting, economic of management, economic of development, Islamic economic, economic of marketing, economic of banking and taxation.
  2. The faculty of veterinary covering the profession of veterinarian and veterinary clinic.
  3. Faculty of Law
  4. Faculty of dentistry
  5. Faculty of engineering covering civil engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, mining engineering, geological engineering, geophysical engineering, computer engineering and regional and municipal planning engineering.
  6. The faculty of agriculture covering agribusiness, livestock, agricultural engineering, agro-technology and soil science.
  7. The faculty of teacher education covering the science of PPK (Education of strengthening Character), mathematic, physic, biology, chemistry, history, Indonesian language and literature, drama dance and music, English, economic, PPKn (Pancasila and Civic Education), physical and health, counseling, geography and PGSD (primary school teacher education).
  8. Faculty of marine and fishery cover marine science, aquaculture snd utilization of fishery resource.
  9. The faculty of medicine covers nursing, psychology, pharmacy and doctor.
  10. Faculty of social and political science covering the political science, sociology, communication and governmental science and the faculty of Mathematics and Science.

Syiah Kuala University is the oldest university in Aceh. The university was founded in 1961. The university is located about 22 kilometers from Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport or approximately 8 kilometers from the center of Banda Aceh city. Syiah Kuala University is one of the best campus in Aceh province.

Syiah Kuala University has also 34 study program of postgraduate covering 27 study program of Master and 6 doctoral programs.

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