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Taman Sari Bustanussalatin Park Banda Aceh

Taman Sari Bustanussalatin Park is the cultural park in Banda Aceh, located strategically in the center of the city, not so far from other tourist attractions in Banda Aceh such as Tsunami Museum, Dutch Burial Kerkoff, Putroe Phang Park, Gunongan, Blang Padang Square, Banda Aceh Mayor Office and Baiturrahman Grand Mosque. The park precisely located on Sultan Abdullah Ujung Rimba Street, approximately 25 minutes from Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport, Blang Bintang, Aceh Besar.

taman sari

Taman Sari or Bustanussalatin Park formerly was known as the Ghairah Park which is mean a playground place for the King’s family. The park is the heritage of the King of Aceh since the 17th century until now the park still exist. The park is rearranged after the natural disaster of the earthquake and tsunami on December 2004 destroyed most of this park.

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After the tsunami, In the park, it built one building that designated as a museum and during the cultural event held, the place used as a place for exhibition. There are many pictures inside of the building and historical information related to the development of Banda Aceh city. Now this park looks more attractive and become favorite tourist park for the children.

The children can play in this park with their family, there are many game offer here such as Remote Car, Mini Train and other attractive games. Besides there are many people selling the toys for the kids. At this time, Taman Sari become one of the city icons that are also often held many exhibition, festivals, cultural arts performances and other events.

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Taman Sari has also children playing facilities, you can see in the afternoon there are many families who bring their children playing here, Not only in the afternoon, but also during the night time the place is still crowded. The park has an area of 3000 square meters wide, complete with the trees overgrown around the park and it will protect you from the heat of the sun shines.

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