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Things To Do In Mecca During Pilgrimage

The city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia visited by billions of people for Hajj and Umrah every year. There are things to do in Mecca during pilgrimage or Umrah.

Things To Do In Mecca

Al Masjid Al Haram

masjidil haram

Al Masjid Al Haram or Masjidil Haram is a mosque in Mecca and the holiest place for moslems. This mosque is the first destination in Hajj pilgrimage and also the direction in which all muslims around the world offer their prayers 5 times a day.

Black Stone Hajra E Aswad

Black Stone or Hajra E Aswad is a stone that muslims believe from the heaven. At this time Hajra E Aswad is placed in outside of Ka’bah.


Ka’bah is a building in the center of Masjidil Haram the most sacred mosque of Islam. Muslim are expected to face to Ka’bah when they are performing prayer. During Hajj and Umrah, the pilgrims require to make tawaf, the walk around (circumambulation) seven times around ka’bah in a counter-clockwise direction.

Other Things To Do In Mecca

Jabal Thawr

Jabal Tsur

Jabal Thawr is a mountain in Saudi Arabia located in the South of Mecca. The height of Mountain is 1.405 meters. In Jabal Thawr has a cave namely Ghar Al Thawr or Ghar Hera ( Cave of Hera). This cave of Hera is religious significance and always visited by many pilgrims and tourists.

Jabal An-Nour

Jabal An-Nour

Jabal An-Nour is a mountain of light located near Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Jabal An-Nour is one of most popular tourist attractions in Mecca. In Jabal An-Nour has a cave namely Ghar Hira or Hira Cave. Hira cave is believed as the place of received Muhammad first revelation inside of Hira cave.


Muzdalifah is an open area near Mecca associated with the Hajj. During the Hajj, pilgrims will stay at Muzdalifah, preceded by a day at Arafah.

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