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Things To Do In Aceh Besar

Aceh Besar regency is one of regency in Aceh with the capital Jantho has a lot of tourism spots. This regency has many traditions which are colored by Islam. Aceh Besar regency is the main gate to enter to Aceh province. To get to Aceh Besar regency, you may fly directly from Kuala Lumpur by Air Asia to Sultan Iskandar  Muda International Airport which is located in this regency. There are things to do in Aceh Besar regency :

  1. Surfing in Lhoknga or Lampuuk beach

lhoknga kite surf

Lhoknga beach is directly facing to the Indian Ocean and this beach is becoming famous beach for surfing both surfing and kite surfing. Surfing and Kite surfing are among the things to do in Aceh Besar. Lhoknga beach has the best of all surf conditions. Lhoknga beach is one of the most popular surfing destinations in Aceh. It has great beach with variety attractions for surfer. According to surfers Lhoknga has world class waves during the main surf season.

  1. Playing Golf at Padang Golf Seulawah

padang seulawah golf course

Padang Golf Seulawah situated along the very nice beach approximately 45 minutes from the Banda Aceh airport. Padang Seulawah has 9 holes golf course. Actually it has 18 holes whereas another still under development. Padang Seulawah Golf Course situated along the nice beach, on the shores of picturesque lakes, near the sea, on ocean view with beautiful view of the hills and mountains. The experience you will find in the courses are extraordinary. Well maintained golf courses, great view will keep you playing on. playing golf is one of nice things to do in Aceh Besar.

  1. Fishing

The other things to do in Aceh Besar regency is fishing. There are many fishing spots in Aceh Besar, the best fishing spot in Aceh Besar regency is in Pulau Aceh while other place you can fishing is in Blang Ulam beach. The fish that we get can be vary such as Giant Trevally, Blue Fin Trevally, Yellow Fin Trevally, Amberjack fish, grouper, barracuda, mangrove jack fish, squid, halibut, crabs and there are still many more.

  1. Camping

Beside the things to do in Aceh Besar  above you can also camping in this regency. You can camping near the beach like Blang Ulam beach. BlangUlam is one of the most beautiful tourist attraction in Aceh Besar. BlangUlam beach is one of the beautiful beach in Aceh. With the view of the hills and mountain offer great and nice view for the visitor. The beach is located in the east coast of Great Aceh regency and it can be reached by car.

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  1. Snorkeling

Mee Lhok is famous beach with white sand beach and trees in the water is located in the village of Lamreh, Mesjid Raya district, Aceh Besar. Lhok Mee beach is just 2 km from the port Malahayati, or 40 km from the city of Banda Aceh. This beach is very good place for snorkeling. Beside Lhok Mee beach, Blang Ulam beach and Lampuuk beach also very good place for snorkeling.


  1. Mountain Climbing

Seulawah Mountain is a volcano, the mountain covered with forest and there are plenty monkeys and birds. to climb the mountain take 6 hours and 3 hours to descend. hiking the mountain is an amazing things to do in Aceh Besar.

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