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Top 25 Most Popular Things to Do in Batam – Popular Tourist Attractions and Best Places to Visit in Batam, Riau Islands, Indonesia – Where to go and what to do!

Batam is the largest city in Riau Islands, Besides Batam is an island in the Riau Islands Province, Indonesia. It’s consist of many other small islands. It offers completely things to do in Batam Island and all the tourist attractions in Batam overrun the tourist from neighbor countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. Batam can be reached easily through the Hang Nadim International Airport. Nearly all domestic flight flying directly to Batam from Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Pekanbaru, Jambi, Palembang, Pangkal Pinang, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Bandung and Banda Aceh. There are also the international flights from Singapore and Malaysia. In addition, there are ferries departing from Singapore and Malaysia directly to Batam Center Ferry Terminal. Batam is one of the beautiful island in Indonesia offering breathtaking scenery, splendid beaches, forest coast, best beach resort, golf course, large shopping mall, waterpark, and family recreation park. Here are the popular best places to visit and best things to do in Batam Island, Riau Islands:

  1. Visit Marina Beach

Marina Beach Batam

First things to do in Batam is visiting Marina Beach. Marina Beach is the stunning white sand beach in Batam located in the marina water front city on KH Ahmad Dahlan Street, Tanjung Riau, Sekupong, Batam, which is the ferry international port.  The marina is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Batam. The beach is very beautiful with stunning natural scenery and very suitable for family for relax on the beach while enjoying the panorama and the breeze. This Marina beach is also popular luxurious beach resort area in Batam. There are two luxury resorts namely Harris resort and Holiday Inn. In Harris Resort you can enjoy water sports facilities such as Banana boat ride, jet ski and many more. There are also the restaurant along the beach with variety of culinary and many of the restaurant serves the seafood culinary. The beach very worth to visit while you can enjoy everything in this beach.

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  1. Explore Galang Island

Galang Island Batam

Galang Island is an island in Batam, Riau Islands, which has the history of the massive refugees of Vietnamese during 1979-1996 caused civil war in Vietnam. At this time, Galang Island become the tourist destination in Batam and visited by the tourist. There is a beautiful beach in the western part of the island namely Melur Beach. The Island is also has many historical sites such as the former refugees village of Vietnamese, Museum of Vietnamese Refugees, Boat Monument which is the monument of the boat used by the refugees to reached Indonesia, Humanity Statue Tinhn Han Loai and Nghia-Trang Galang Burial of more than 500 refugees who died caused by the disease.

  1. Driving through Balerang Bridge

Balerang Bridge Batam

Fisabilillah Bridge or local called Balerang Bridge is the bridge that connecting the island of Batam, Tonton Island, Nipah Island, Rempang Island, Galang Island and Galang Baru Island. This bridge become the icon of Batam and has been popular as a Landmark of Batam. The bridge was built since 1992 and completed in 1998. This majestic bridge was built for the development of the Riau Islands as the Industrial Area. The bridge has overall length of 2,264 meters consist of 6 bridge that connecting 6 islands namely Tengku Fisabilillah Bridge that connecting the Batam Island and Tonton Island with the length of 642 meters, 350 meter wide and 38 meter high, Narasinga Bridge that connecting Tonton Island and Nipah Island with the length of 420 meter, 160 meter wide and 15 meter high, Ali Haji Bridge that connecting Nipah Island and Setokok Island with the length of 270 meters, 45 meter wide and 15 meter high, Sultan Zainal Abidin Bridge that connecting Setokok Island and Rempang Island with the length of 365 meter, 145 meter wide and 16.5 meter high, Tuanku Tembusai Bridge that connecting Rempang Island and Galang Island with the length of 385 meter, 245 meter wide and 31 height, and the last bridge of Raja Kecil Bridge that connecting Galang Island and Galang Baru Island with the length of 180 meter, 45 meter width and 9.5 high. These bridge at this time not only as the bridge that connecting the islands in Batam but also become the tourist spot to enjoy the beauty of the beach and panorama from the bridge.

  1. Visit Sultan Riau Grand Mosque, Penyengat Island

Sultan Riau Mosque Batam

Sultan Riau Grand Mosque is the old historic mosque in Indonesia located on Penyengat Island which is become a cultural heritage site by the government. The mosque was built during the reign of king of Yang Dipertuan Muda VII King Aburrahman in 1832. The mosque has 13 domes shaped likes union and 4 tower with the height of 18.9 meter. In this mosque, you can see the library of the collection from King Muhammad Yusuf Al Ahmadi, ancient book and handwritten Quranic book. To get to this mosque in Penyengat Island, there are several alternatives, the first via Batam to Tanjung Pinang and the second you can book a flight to Raja Haji Fisabilillah International Airport and you continue the journey to the Sri Bintan Pura Harbor to get the boat or local transportation to the Island.

  1. Explore Abang Island

Abang Island Batam

Abang Island is one of the popular tourist attractions in Batam. Abang Island has a marine tourist attraction with its beautiful beaches and the coral reefs inhabited various types of colorful ornamental fish. The island become more and more popular and the tourist visit this island increase yearly. There are many local tour operator offer the trip to this island and the snorkeling trip as well. Abang Island presents some beautiful snorkeling spots. You will see many colorful fish, clown fish, nemo, and many other. Besides the snorkeling, the sea around the island is also popular for fishing sport. There are many foreign tourist from Malaysia, Singapore and China come here for fishing sport. To get to the island, you can take a car from Batam and driving passing through the Belerang Bridge until you reach the 6th bridge. The journey will take approximately 2 hour driving. After you reach the 6th bridge there is a small port and many small boats park in the port. You can hire one of the boat to reach the island or to make you easier, you may book a snorkeling tour package to Abang Island offer by many local tour operator to this island.

  1. Visit Jabal Arafah Mosque

Jabal Arafah Mosque Batam

Jabal Arafah Mosque is an interesting mosque located in Lubuk Baja Business Center, Batam City, Riau Islands. The mosque has beautiful surroundings area and become popular religious destination in Batam. There are available facilities for the visitor in this mosque such as the Park, library, café, souvenir, toilet and many other. The uniqueness of the mosque is in its tower, you can see one side of the Batam city from a height of approximately 60 meters, not only Batam City but also the building in Singapore.

  1. Visit Melayu Beach

Melayu Beach Batam

Melayu Beach is one of coastal tourist spot in Batam. There are two location of the beach with the same name, first in Batam Island and the second in Rempang Island. Both the beach can be reach easily by car. Here we will let you know about the Melayu Beach in Rempang Island. The beach has very long coastal line offer white sand beach. The beach is very good for swimming and snorkeling. In this beach has tourist facilities such as banana boat ride and the café that serve typical culinary. This beach is also good for fishing sport where you can hook a snapper here.

  1. Visit Batam Grand Mosque

Batam Grand Mosque

Batam Grand Mosque is the grand mosque located in Batam Island with its unique dome look like a pyramid and high tower of 66 meter high. the beach is charming place to visit beside it’s the place of worship for Muslim. This mosque is located on Engku Putri Street, Batam Center, which the center of administration of Batam City. The mosque stands on area of 75,000 square meter and make this mosque become the largest mosque in Batam that can accommodate more than 3,500 worshipers.

  1. Visit Nongsa Beach

Nongsa Beach Batam

Nongsa Beach is white sand beach in Batam. Nongsa is a famous tourist area in Batam located in the northeast of Batam or just only 10 minutes from Hang Nadim International Airport. There are many luxury hotel and resort located in this area. There’s also a popular yacht marina bay in this area called Nongsa Point Marina & Resort offer many things to do such as golf, spa, watersport, fishing sport, diving and snorkeling. Nongsa Beach is very close to Southern Part of Singapore and it takes only half an hour journey by boat. In the night you can easily view the light of skyscraper building in Singapore.

  1. Play golf at Palm Springs Golf & Beach resort, Nongsa

Palm Spring Golf & Resort Batam

Palm Springs Golf & Beach Resort is located in the Nongsa Area, northeast of Batam Island. this golf course was opened in 1989 with 9 holes. At that time the name was Talvas Golf & Country Club. The golf also equipped with premium beach resort. In 2002 the golf course developed into 27 holes by the name of the Palm Springs Golf & Beach Resort. The palm course is 3269 meter and the Island Course are 3012 meters. It consist of three fields with different layouts. The Resort Course are 3047 meters has varied typography with hills rising sharply up to 35 meters above sea level while Palm Course presents a green with seaside view across natural forests and the Island Course has a natural features of palm trees and mangrove vegetation. The resort has 14 luxury rooms for the golfer who like to stay. The Palm Springs and Beach Resort is easy to reach. If you are from Singapore, you can reached 30 minutes by ferry or 20 minutes driving from Hang Nadim Airport Batam.

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