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Top 42 Most Popular Things to Do in Semarang – Popular Tourist Attractions and Best Places to Visit in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia – Where to go and what to do!

Semarang is the capital of Central Java province, Indonesia, located in the northern part of Central Java. Aside from business and foods destination, there are plenty of interesting tourist attractions and best things to do in Semarang. The city has a modern destinations, Dutch colonial building, Chinatown, museum and many parks. Semarang is also known as port city offer the rich of history, beautiful architecture, delicious foods and rich of cultural heritage. Back to the 15th century, the famous Chinese admiral Ceng Ho, first stepped the foot on Java Island and commemorated in famous temple called Sam Poo Kong Temple. To get to Semarang, there is the main gate way through Achmad Yani International Airport near the city center. The daily flight are available from and to Major cities in Indonesia. Let’s check out the top 26 best places to visit and top things to do in Semarang, Central Java:

  1. Visit Lawang Sewu

Lawang Sewu Semarang

First things to Lawang Sewu is a historic building in Indonesia located in Semarang. The building was formerly the office of the Nederlands-Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij which was a railway built in 1904 and completed in 1907. The building has many doors and three-storey building with the architecture of art deco style. The story of this building is inseparable from the history of railways in Indonesia. A private railway company during the Dutch East Indies government built the first railway line in Indonesia connected Semarang with Surakarta and Yogyakarta or during the Dutch colonial called Vorstenlanden. In 1873 the first railway was completed built by Nederlandsch-Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij (NIS). After the independence of Indonesia, Lawang Sewu was used by Indonesian Railway Company which is the government owned company.

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  1. Visit Rawa Pening Lake

Rawa Pening Semarang

Rawa Pening is a lake in Semarang, Central Java precisely located in the lowest basin of the slopes of Mount Merbabu, Mount Telomoyo and Mount Ungaran with an area of 2,670 hectares covered 4 district namely Ambarawa, Bawen, Tuntang and Banyubiru. It serves as source of energy, irrigation and for fishing by some of local people. Rawa Pening offer beautiful panorama. The popular site to enjoy the beauty of the lake is Kampoeng Rawa located on Jalan Lingkar Street KM. 03 Ambarawa, Semarang, Central Java or about 34 kilometers from the center of Semarang or approximately one and half hours driving from Semarang City. Kampoeng Rawa has become one of popular tourist attractions in Semarang and Ambarawa since opened in 2012. Kampoeng Rawa provides tourist facilities such as floating restaurants, craft center and fishing spots. The place is located in beautiful site precisely in the middle of the rice fields bordered with Rawa Pening Lake and you can view the nice view of Merbabu Mount and Telomoyo Mount.

  1. Visit Semirang Waterfall

Semirang Waterfall Semarang

Semirang Waterfall is one of natural tourist attractions in Semarang located on the slopes of the northern part of Mount Ungaran with a height of waterfall of 45 meters. If you like a challenge, Semirang Waterfall is suitable for you to visit. You will have to hiking and trekking about half kilometer from parking area until you reach the hidden waterfall. The path is steep and narrow. You will see types of shady trees and the birds. If you are lucky you will see the endangered species that protected by government namely long-tail squirrel.

  1. Swimming at Tirto Argo

Tirto Argo Semarang

Tirto Argo Siwarak is a park with a swimming pool where the source of the water in the pool coming from the mountain natural water springs. The pool is a shady pool with beautiful view. Besides the pool, there is a fishing pond in this Tirto Argo. Tirto Argo is located in Sirawak Village about 23 kilometers from Semarang city. Tirto Argo Siwarak has four swimming pools with various water rides. The first pool is large pool for adult with the water slides quite high. The second pool is family pool for family with the children whereas the 2 more pools are the children’s pools with a mini waterpark game including mini spiral, water slides and water bucket.

  1. Soft trekking at Penggaron, Ungaran

Penggaron Semarang

Penggaron is a forest park located in Susukan Village, Ungaran District, Semarang, Central Java or approximately 18 kilometers from Semarang City. Penggaron Forest Park has an area of about 500 hectares very suitable for soft jungle trekking, camping, outbound and research. The park is also very suitable for watching the birds or birding. It has a lot of collection of wildlife including the birds species. There are more than 97 species found in this ecotourism park with the interesting species to see such as Green Peacock.

  1. Visit Marina Beach, Tawangsari

Marina Beach Tawangsari

Marina Beach is one of beach attractions in Semarang, Central Java. Visiting this beach is fantastic things to do in Semarang offer exotic view and dramatic sunset view at the evening. The beach is one of popular beaches in Semarang among the people of Central Java. Marina Beach often becomes Semarang tourist list that must be visited. It only takes half an hour from Semarang to reach the beach. There are many restaurants around the beach offer seafood dishes with delicious taste such shrimp, various kinds of fish, crabs, squid and lobster. There are also boat available for the tourist who want to get around the beach. Marina Beach is also perfect place for onshore fishing. Many local people come for fishing in the afternoon in this beach.

  1. Visit Gedong Songo Temple

Gedong Songo Temple

Gedong Songo Temple is a Hindu Temple complex heritage located in Candi village, Bandungan District, Semarang, Central Java precisely on the slopes of Mount Ungaran. In this complex there are nine temples. Around the temple offer beautiful scenery, pine forests and sulfur springs. The temple is located at an altitude of about 1,200 meters above sea level caused the temperature is quite cold. Close to the temple there is a new tourist attraction called Ayana Gedong Songo which is viral in social media and instagramable photo spot.

  1. Visit Sam Poo Kong Temple

Sam Poo Kong Semarang

Sam Poo Kong Temple is stone building which is the former site of the first stop and landing of an Islamic Chinese Admiral Cheng Ho when visited Java in 1400s ago located in Simongan, Southwest of Semarang city. Almost all of the building painted in red typical of Chinese buildings. Now the place is used as a memorial and place of worship by Chinese. Since significant renovation in 2002, Sam Poo Kong has attracted many people to visit. In this temple is often held the art attractions such as a dance to celebrate the historic day associated with Admiral Cheng Ho or Chinese culture especially on August.

  1. Visit Blenduk Church & Semarang Old Town

Bleduk Church Semarang

The Protestant Churn in Western Indonesia Immanuel Semarang or better known as Blenduk Church is the oldest Christian protestant church in Semarang built by Dutchman in 1753 with an octagonal shape located at 32 Letjend Suprapto Street, Semarang Old Town, Central Java. This church is still used for worship by the protestant Cristian every Sunday. Around the church there are also a number of other Dutch colonial buildings such as Marba Building. Semarang Old City area is still quite attractive to visit. Various ancient buildings attract many tourist to visit. This old town is not far from the heart of Semarang City located precisely near Johar Market which is the largest traditional market in Semarang.

  1. Visit Ria Rawa Permai Park

Ria Rawa Permai Semarang

Ria Rawa Permai Tourism Park is a swamp tourism park located on Semarang-Solo Highway Street Jl. Fatmawati No. 154, Lopait Village, Ungaran precisely located on the edge of Rawa Pening. It offers beautiful swamp panorama completed with tourist facilities such as children playground, fishing pond and swimming pool. In this park also has a horse and horse carriage transport for the tourist who want to travel around.

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