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Top 10 Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in Nusa Penida, Bali

Nusa Penida is an island in the southeast Bali. Nusa Penida is also a district in Klungkung regency, Bali Island. Nusa Penida is the largest of three others islands namely Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan. The water of these islands is famous  underwater tourist attractions. the tourism in Nusa Penida has been booming. The evidence of the last few years the tourist attractions in Nusa Penida began to be visited by many local and foreign tourists. There are so many beautiful, charming, unique and exotic best places to visit.

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To get to Nusa Penida, the easiest way is to get the boat from public boat from Sanur Beach, Bali. It will take approximately 90 minutes to Nusa Penida. The accommodation in Nusa Penida is mid-range accommodation, most of the accommodation is in Toyapakeh. If you want to travel around the island you may rent the motorbike in Toyapakeh and this will cost you about IDR 80.000 – 120.000.

Nusa Penida is very famous for marine tourism and watersport. The most famous tourism activitiy in Nusa Penida is diving. Some popular dive site in Nusa Penida are Toyapakeh, Manta Point, Malibu Point, Cristal Bay and Penida Bay. When you dive in Nusa Penida you will see many pelagic fish such as Manta rays, whale sharks and Mola Mola.

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In this island you will also find beautiful beaches and conservation area protecting some plants, birds and turtles. Let explore more of Nusa Penida famous tourist attractions.

Here is a top 10 must-visit tourist attraction in Nusa Penida :

  1. Atuh Beach, Nusa Penida

Atuh Beach

Atuh beach is located in Banjar Pelilit, Nusa Penida, Bali Island. This beach is stunning white sand beach in Nusa Penida that surrounded by stunning cliffs. There are several here can be seen from the highest part of the cliffs. In this beach you can swim, camping, fishing and snorkeling to see the exotic coral and colorful fish. This hidden beach is still natural and very calm. It is very suitable for those of you who want to find peace of mind for a while. In front of the beach there are two small islands. On one of the islands there is also a temple that is sacred by local people. On the this beach there is also a temple. In this temple also held a sacred dance which is only one in the world.

  1. Giri Putri Cave

Giri Putri Cave is located in Banjar Karangsari, Suana Village, Nusa Penida. The length of the cave is approximately 262 meters located 150 meters above the sea level. This cave has a temple building. The cave has very interesting feature stalagmites and stalagtites. Inside of the cave found a water flow that is believed to be holy water.

  1. Uug Beach

Uug Beach

Uug Beach is located in Banjar Sumpang, Bunga Mekar village, Nusa Penida. Uug beach is become tourist spot in Nusa Penida. This beach has cliffs with a hole in the center of it. When the sea wave come the water flow into the hole. This beach also has a beautiful landscape. Anyway this place is a must-visit when you holiday to Nusa Penida.

  1. Tembling Water Spring

This natural swimming pool situated under the green forest cliff. To reach this place you need to walk and it spend your extra energy. The fresh water comes out from the secret cave and flows into the pool then to the ocean.

  1. Suwehan Beach

Suwehan Beach is located in Watas, Nusa Penida. To get to this beach you have to walk about 350 meters downhill with narrow path. When you arrive to this place after walking down the hill you will find a new paradise in Nusa Penida. This peaceful beach is very beauty, clear water and white sand beach. By standing on the edge of the cliff and see the fabulous  bay. In front of this beach there is a stone standing look very interesting.

  1. Guyangan

Guyangan is the water source in Nusa Penida. To get to this water source, you need to walk from the entrance through the stairs that quite a lot. But when you arrive to the point, all your tired effort will paid off by the beautiful scenery and you can swim in a cold water pool.

  1. Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach

This beach is located in Karang Dawa, Bunga Mekar village, Nusa Penida. This beach located precisely below of the cliff. You can just see the view of the beach from above the cliff because the access to location is very difficult to reach. The scenery is very charming and really beautiful. This place is really interesting place in Nusa Penida to visit.

  1. Banah Beach

Banah beach is located in Batumadeg village, Nusa Penida. This beach is very beautiful hidden beach in Nusa Penida with unique cliff in the middle of the sea. The cliff in the middle of the sea called Banah cliff has a hollow with many green small trees growing on it.

  1. Thousands Island Nusa Penida

Thousands Island Nusa Penida

Thousands Island Nusa Penida is located in Banjar Pelilit adjacent to Atuh Beach. In this place has tourist spot that allow the tourist can see the very beautiful view of the sea and beautiful small islands. You can view of the scenery from the higher. This place become tourist place in Nusa Penida and at the location now has built a tree house.

  1. Giri Putri Cave Temple

Giri Putri Cave Temple is a biggest Bali Hindu worship in the cave. This cave also called Kahyangan temple Jagat located in Karangsari, Pakraman Suana village, Nusa Penida district, Klungkung regency, Bali. In the cave there are streams, snakes and bats. This cave is stalagnites and stalagtites cave. This cave is a unique and one of the best tourist attractions in Nusa Penida to visit. You will see the prehistoric or cultural tradition in the cave that still exists.

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