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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Canggu Bali – Popular things to do in Canggu, North Kuta, Badung – Bali Island, Indonesia

Canggu is a village in North Kuta district, Badung Regency, Bali Island, Indonesia. Canggu has popular surfing beach destination such as Berawa Beach, Batu Bolong Beach and Echo Beach. Besides, There are also other tourist attractions in Canggu to visit that make you enjoy visiting this place.

Discover the top Tourist attractions and Thing to do in Canggu, North Kuta:

  1. Echo Beach

Echo Beach Canggu Bali

Echo Beach is famous surfing attractions in Canggu. Local people know this beach with the name of “Pantai Batu Mejan”. The name taken from Balinese Hindu sea temple of Batu Mejan Temple. As one of the hidden paradise in Canggu. Echo Beach offers million beauty for the tourist. this beach is located on the reef and next to Canggu Beach. There are many interesting things to do in this beach such as swimming and sunbathing, view the beauty of natural scenery when sunset arrive and the most popular things to do here is surfing.

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  1. Berawa Beach

Berawa Beach Bali

Berawa Beach offers calm atmosphere, comfortable and less crowded. This perfect beauty beach is suitable place for swimming, surfing and sunbathing with fresh sea breeze. You can also rent the horse and riding along the wide beach. Berawa Beach is strategic tourist destination in Canggu to visit if you want the beauty best place without crowds. Although the place quitter than Kuta Beach, but when the sunset time, the place is quite crowded especially on weekend. The beautiful sight of the sunset of Berawa Beach is become special tourist attractions in Canggu.

  1. Canggu Club

Canggu Club

Finn recreation club is a sport and leisure place. The place extend of 3.54 hectares with the facilities of world class waterpark, fitness center, kids club, spa, tennis center and many others. Thin Finn Canggu Club is a high quality leisure and sport center. This club at this time become popular tourist attractions in Canggu especially on weekend. Mostly they come with family and friend. Not only the sport, it also offer dining facilities.

Next to the sport center there is Splash Waterpark. This waterpark is a great place for family. The kids can play in the water slides activities or enjoy the dining in the sun bed. To entrance the Finn recreation club the fees is IDR 300.000 per adult and IDR 180.000 for kid between 3-17 years old.

  1. Nelayan Beach

Nelayan Beach Canggu Bali

Nelayan Beach present the natural scenery of the beach with spectacular sunset beauty. There many tourism activities you can do here such as swimming and sunbathing. This blue ocean of grey white sand beach has a lots of fisherman boats park.

The natural atmosphere of this beach are quite calm with numbers of typical tropical beach trees. There not so many hotel or resort along this beach and the visitor are still dominated by local. Some of the local come here for fishing activities. This beach is also used as a horse riding tour along the coast from Berawa Beach and Canggu Beach.

  1. Batu Bolong Beach

Batu Bolong Beach Canggu Bali

Batu Bolong Beach Canggu is a beautiful beach that similar to Tanah Lot. It has a big coral rocks in the middle of the sea with temple above it called Batu Bolong Temple. Batu Bolong Temple is a unuque characteristic of Batu Bolong Beach. According to the history, this temple was built as a Hindu worship of Ida Batara Segara. Almost everyday, Balinese Hindu Community come here to perform ritual worship. In addition, the temple is a place sanctity during the ceremony of Hindu religion.

In this beach the visitor come not only to see the unique temple. This beach also one of the great beach for surfing. Many visitors spend a lot of time in this beach during the afternoon to view the sunset moment.

  1. Bali Climbing Bouldering Canggu

Bali Climbing Bouldering Canggu

Bali Climbing is a bouldering gym next to the beach in Canggu. In this in this place offer wall climbing and climbing lessons with expert coaches. This things is very attractive things to do in Canggu. Besides the climbing, this place also equipped with gym equipment and restaurant.

  1. Canggu Beach

Canggu Beach

Canggu Beach is beauty coastal situated between seminyak and Tanah Lot and popular as surf destination in Canggu. This black sand beach is very famous surf break beach that attract many world surfers. Along this Canggu beach, there are plenty of villas and resorts and many expatriates live here. Canggu Beach become more and more popular. Many bar and restaurant openings.

The coastline feature exotic black sand with great sea side venues will make you have unique experience. Canggu is very perfect quiet great beach area with most popular splendid surf beach hub such as Echo Beach. You can also find great dining around this area.

  1. Segara Madu Park

Segara Madu Park

Segara Madu Park is waterpark with four swimming pools. This waterpark is suitable for family spend their weekend time. The pool has different sizes with different level of depth. The largest one is Olympic size. In this Segara Madu Park has gazebo for a place to gather with family. Besides, it is also offers buoy rental, swimsuit and water sliding ride.

  1. Allcaps Park

Allcaps Park Canggu

Allcaps Park is a recreation park for kids with hunting game to find certain goods located on Raya Canggu No. 18A, Canggu. This place you can also see the graffiti and mural street art that really beautiful.

  1. Desa Temple Canggu

Desa Temple Canggu

Desa Temple Canggu is a nice tourist attractions in Canggu to see. The architecture of the temple is the same as the other Balinese temple. The temple is located on Batu Bolong Street. This temple is used by the local people in Canggu for praying.

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