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12 Wonderful Tourist Attractions in Legian, Kuta, Badung Regency – Bali Island, Indonesia

Legian is a sub-district in Kuta, Badung regency, Bali, Indonesia. It is one of popular area in Bali. The main tourist attractions in Legian are the beach life and nightlife. There are dozens of beach clubs and night clubs that offers you wonderful memories of your holiday to Bali.

Legian is small tourism area, even the small area, it well maintained and less chaotic. The things you can do in Legian are quite a lot. You can explore the white sand beach, dancing, drinking in the night and walk along the Legian street to find the best shops and restaurant in this one of Bali’s main nightlife hubs.

For the tourist who like to find best nightlife attractions, Legian is the ideal destination with good mix of night clubs. But the place is less crowded than Kuta popular beach. Not only nightlife attractions, Legian has an alluring and fantastic beach with beautiful blue sea.

Discover the Best Places to go and Tourist Attractions in Legian :

  1. Legian Beach

The Legian Beach is similar to Kuta beach, the beach stretches about 2 kilometers start from the northernmost part of Kuta beach. The beach facilities offering is also similar to Kuta Beach. The most popular part of the beach is at the Padma steet and sometimes it called Padma beach. This place is more enjoyable and less crowded.

legian beach

Legian Beach is another one of the best place in Bali to see the sunset. This place is also home to many nice beach clubs. It is the place where the visitor eat, shopping, drink and stay. This beach is also best splendid beach for surfing. If you intended to learn surfing, there are surfing school here offers you surf lessons.

If you want to relax near the beach, you may rent the sunbeds provide along the beach. If you want to drink or dining while viewing the sunset, the popular beachfront of Legian restaurants offer a seat under the umbrella and you can enjoy the moment. Besides, there are two biggest art market here close to the beach exactly on Melasti street selling Balinese handicraft and other souvenir for the tourists.

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  1. Legian Art Painting

Legian Art Painting is a painting shop in Legian tourism area, Bali. The shop is located on Legian Kaja Street, Legian, Kuta District, Bali. The tourist can create various kinds of paintings here. It offers you fantastic paintings and potraits with excellent range of art and prices.

  1. Dream Zone Museum

dream zone museum bali

Dream Zone Museum is 3D art gallery museum originally from Korea and now open in the beautiful places in Indonesia, Bali. This museum is located precisely in Nakula street 33x Legian, Kuta district, Badung Regency, Bali. This location is close to many tourist places in Seminyak and it make you easy to access both from Legian and Seminyak Tourism Area.

This 3D art museum is 3D painting illustration which is adopted the Korean 3D trick art museum. You will invite to see amazing new world that surprising you and will provide exciting experiences through the art of 3D photo illusion. In this museum there are 120 art paintings with 3D trick divided into 14 rooms. The 14th rooms namely Contemporary, Aquarium, Egypt, Safari, Sport, Indonesia, Renaissance, 18+ Area, Big & Small, Dream Park, Korean Pavilion, Venice, Jurassic Park and Luminescence Zone. All the paintings art mostly the artwork of Korean artist.

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  1. 5GX Bali Reverse Bungy

5GX Bali Reverse Bungy

5GX Bali Reverse Bungy is swing bungee ride with the speed of 200 kilometers per hour. This extreme attractive challenging thing to do in Legian is one of adrenaline challenging. If you like to try the cost for 2 people is IDR 750.000. if your 3 people the price is cheaper.

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  1. Armada Flow House

Armada Flow House

Armada Flow House is a flow boarding sport located on Dewi Sri Street No. 72, Legian, Kuta, Badung regency, Bali. This flow boarding is a fun and exciting things to do in Legian. This place is kid favorite fantastic place. Besides of offering the flow riding, this place also offers relaxed dining, delicious food, great music at night and awesome place to hang out. If you want to try the flow riding, the price start at IDR 300.000 per hour.

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  1. Legian Art Market

If you are holiday in Bali and want to find the typical Balinese souvenirs. You should visit the Legian Art Market. There are many shops along the main lanes of Legian offering variety of art items, souvenir, handicraft and tropical wear. You can also find the local fashion boutique designer in the main Legian street and also Melasti street. This main route you can easily explore by foot.

Legian Street which is the main street connecting Kuta and Seminyak where popular beach resort, bars, hotel, clubs and shops is offers footpaths great walk for shopper both daytime and night. Many small art shops offers you fixed price shopping of many brands. Another famous art shopping street in Legian is Sahadewa street that connecting Padma street and Melasti street. This street is most popular known as Garlic Lane, where many small art shops selling variety of art items, from souvenir, handicraft to clothing. This street only 200 meter long where you can also find woodcarving. This street is very convenient walk for shopper.

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  1. Ground Zero Memorial

ground zero memorial bali

Ground Zero Memorial Bali is memorial monument of the tragedy of Bali bombing on 12th October 2002 causing the death of 202 people including 88 people of Australian, 38 Indonesian, 7 US citizens and 6 people of Sweden. To commemorate this tragedy, the Bali government built a memorial monument of this Ground Zero Monument. This memorial monument is the first Bali bombing tragedy. Every 12th October, many people come here especially from Australia, Us and Sweden to commemorate the tragedy.

The Bombing tragedy on 12th October 2002 was located on Legian road, Kuta precisely in Paddy’s Pub. The Legian Street Kuta is one of nightlife popular street in Bali. Many foreign and domestic tourists spend their time here. Nowadays this memorial monument has become a tourist attractions in Legian, Kuta, that very attractive for the tourist to know the tragedy monument. In this monument you can see the names of the victims and their origin country. The monument inaugurated on 12th October 2004, two years after the tragedy, by the the regent of Badung regency at that time, Anak Agung Ngurah Oka Ratmadi.

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  1. Beach Walk Shopping Center

Beach Walk Shopping Center Bali

This Becah Walk Shopping Center is the first Bali most packed street that become leading destination in Bali. The street is about 200 meter near the end of Kuta Beach street and popular as Kuta Beach Walk. There are numerous shops, restaurants, malls, dining spot and entertainment facilities. This place also offers boutique shopping experience with popular brands. Kuta Beach Walk is also a great place for dining that serve Indonesian Classic dishes, western food and Balinese dishes. This place is suitable for family to spend their weekend times and the kids can play in the kids play center.

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  1. Legian Street

legian street

Legian Street is the main walking street in Legian with huge numerous of shops, bars and restaurants. This street is connecting street between Kuta and Seminyak. This awesome street offers you the best shopping experience, dining, and best sightseeing. On the southern end of the street there is a Ground Zero Memorial where many visitors take the holiday picture and the monument is the central Legian Landmark Tourism.

  1. Singosari Temple

Legian is more about beach, dining and entertainment, but this tourism area is also offers historical tourist destination to visit such as Singosari Temple. This temple is the Buddist temple with classical architecture made of andesite stones. In this temple you can see the two largest statues with the height of about 4 meters.

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  1. Pandora Experience Escape Room

Pandora Experience Escape Room Bali

Pandora Experience is the escape game adventure where players entrance each game room in a group more than 14 players. The game rule is easy, the players goes into a locked room and has to decode, puzzle and the challenge in the room to escape from the room. Usually the time provides within 120 minutes. Pandora Escape Room has high technology and supported with good sound effects and visual effects. The players will challenge to find hidden space, secret path to answer the puzzle. This game is interesting game that will test your courage, the strategy, good teamwork and the right decision to escape from the room.

  1. Sky Garden Bali

sky garden bali

Sky Garden is the night club where you can enjoy live DJ from many country in the world. This three story building is located in Raya Legian Street No. 61, Legian, Kuta, Bali. Usually the place open start from 17.00 P.M to 04.00 A.M. this place offers you best DJ such as Marshmallow, Steve Aoki, Yellow Claw and many others. Besides, this Sky Garden offers amazing food and beverage. You can have nice BBQ here.

More about Tourist Attractions in Legian Tourism Area

Legian is a favorite tourist destination from various countries all around the world. This tourism area is popular as best dining spots, shopping center, recreation place and amazing entertainment offers. There are many luxurious hotel, villas, resort and luxurious items sell on the shops.

tourist attractions in legian

As one of the tourist places, Legian offers a complete recreational package start from Beach clubs, Nightlife, Culinary Tourism, Shopping Tour, Parks and Splendid Beach of Legian. The wave of the Legian Beach is big enough to attract the surfers. Not only that, Legian offers the tourist interesting things to see and to do such as flying boards and many others.

The Panorama of the white brown beach of Legian and Blue Ocean will be an unforgettable travel to this place. Legian Tourism Area is really easy to access. It only 8 kilometers from Ngurah Rai International Airport or the journey will take approximately 20 minutes.

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