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Tourist Attractions in North Sumatra – Best Places & Most Popular Things to do in North Sumatra

The province of North Sumatra is one of Indonesia ‘s 34 provinces with capital Medan. North Sumatra province is a province in Sumatra Island. This province run like an almost north south band across the land, stretching from about 1 to 4 degrees above the equator. The main area of about 71.680 square kilometers. The province divided into 25 regencies and 8 municipalities. The North Sumatra province is one of the province in Indonesia with great potential in tourism. There are many tourist attractions in North Sumatra with offers the natural beauty such as mountains, lakes, tropical rain forests, sea, flora and fauna and cultural richness like arts, traditional dances, customs ceremonies and others.

The climate in North Sumatra is tropical, without awfully high temperature. In the day time are sunny and warm and night are cool. The average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius in lowlands and about 30 degrees Celsius in the highlands.

Economic in North Sumatra growth yearly. North Sumatra are rich in natural resource such as the oil and gas that has been explored in Pangkalan Brandan. Beside the Natural resource of oil and gas, North Sumatra has mining of Iron Ore and aluminum in Kuala Tanjung. North Sumatra also very well known its plantation which is the main economic in North Sumatra. From this plantation, North Sumatra produce rubber, rice, coffee, chocolate, tea, palm oil and tobacco. Export and import in North Sumatra are increase yearly with the main export country Japan, Singapore and Malaysia. The main export products including coffee, garment, plywood, crude palm oil, cacao, rubber and fishery products.

The development of tourism in North Sumatra shows increase yearly as proven by the number of accommodation in North Sumatra. Tourism in North Sumatra has great potential. The potentials are natural beauties such as lakes, sea, flora and fauna and cultural richness like art and others. North Sumatra is the great central mountain range going up to 2.457 meters above sea level with large lake, Lake Toba of 1.700 square kilometers with an island of over 600 square kilometers in the middle.

Here are the Best Places and things to do in North Sumatra

  1. Visiting Medan Grand Mosque

tourist attractions In North Sumatra

This Medan Grand Mosque is one of Indonesia’s largest and most beautiful mosques is Medan Grand Mosque built in 1906. Medan Grand Mosque or Al Mashun Grand Mosque was finished built on 1909. Al Mashun Grand Mosque Medan built with Mughal architecture.

  1. Explore Lake Toba

tourist attractions in north sumatra

Lake Toba is one of the largest and most beautiful lakes in the world, originating from an early volcanic eruption. The area of the lake toba covers approximately 1707 square kilometers at an altitude of 96 meters above sea level. In the middle of the lake has a famous island, Samosir island, measuring 627 square kilometers.

  1. Visit North Sumatra Museum

Museum In Medan

North Sumatra Museum is located at Jalan H.M. Joni No. 51 ia the biggest museum in North Sumatra store the cultural heritage, arts, crafts from various tribes in North Sumatra. The museum was built in 1954 and inaugurated on 1982. This museum is one of the best museum in Indonesia.

  1. Palace of Sultan Deli

The Palace of Sultan Deli was built in 1888 and its room has recently been renovated and still occupied by the present Sultan and his family.

  1. Taman Margasatwa North Sumatra

Taman Margasatwa is the zoo located on the road to Sibiru-biru river. This zoo is one of tourist attraction in north Sumatra most frequent visit by visitors.

  1. Berastagi


Berastagi is the most popular mountain resort in North Sumatra. Located 66 kilometer from Medan has a very fresh climate surrounded by two active volcanoes, the Sibayak volcano (2.094 m) and Sinabung volcano (2.451 m). Berastagi is situated 1.400 meters above sea level. Berastagi in the Karo highland is a perfect place for mountain lovers.

  1. Sibolangit

Further to the south, 40 kilometers from Medan, an interesting Botanical Garden as a place to study species of tropical vegetation and kinds of trees.

  1. Bahorok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center


Orangutan is one of the res ape species which can be found only in Sumatra and Kalimantan. The one can see here have either been confiscated or donated by the former owners. The Bahorok rivers is clean and very good for swimming.

  1. Prapat

Parapat is situated in a large bay of the lake Toba. Parapat is the main tourist town in North Sumatra and one of North Sumatra’s greatest tourist attractions. It is located 176 kilometers from Medan on the northern shore of the lake.

Best Time To Visit North Sumatra

In May up to September are the best for visitors to pay a visit especially to the mountain areas. The people of North Sumatra are hospitable.

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