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Turkish Graveyard In Aceh

Turkish graveyard in Aceh is a historical evidence of the relationship between Turkey and Aceh in the past. The number of the tombs here are 20 tombs that has been classified.

turkish graveyard in aceh

Banda Aceh which is the center of the provincial government there are various historical centers of the world civilization. One of the religious tourism site in Banda Aceh is a Turkish graveyard. This Turkish graveyard in Aceh can be reached only 10 minutes from the Tsunami Museum or 15 minutes from the Baiturrahman Great Mosque. Turkish graveyard is located precisely in Bitay village or better known as Tengku Di Bitay complex village.

Tengku Di Bitay

In this Turkish graveyard there is a grave of Tengku Di Bitay and inside of the cemetery complex there is a brief history of the arrival of the Turkish people to Aceh. In this cemetery complex there is also a mosque that used by Tengku Di Bitay as a Dayah (Traditional Islamic Learning Center) to teach the Islamic religion.

Bitay itself is a name for the State of Baitul Muhadis or Baitul Muqaddis (Palestine). This Bitay village is a central area of Turkish people at that time including Emperom village and Lam Jame. Tengku Di Bitay comes from Palestine and stops at the Bitai. The development of Islam in Bitay at that time was very famous because many people from outside of Aceh studied the Islamic religion here including the Palestinians and the Middle East peoples.

At that time Turkey assisted Aceh by providing war equipment during the reign of Sri Salahuddin (1548 AD). During the reign of Sri Salahuddin, cooperative relations with Turkey and Saudi Arabia were enhanced. Many Turkish married with Acehnese and some of the Turkish who died were buried at the grave near complex of Tengku Di Bitay grave.

Turkish graveyard in Aceh become one of the religious attractions. Many people especially from Turkey travel to Aceh take time to visit the graveyard.

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