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Waka Tangga Challenging and Memorable Journey – Petang – Badung Regency – Bali

Waka Tangga is a tourist attraction that offers a challenging of special trip as well as enjoy the Bali’s stunning natural scenery. This journey route through the beautiful natural scenery passing through many plantations area, forest, valley, rivers and the last is the top Tedung Peak. This interesting places is located in Petang District, Badung Regency, Bali Island, Indonesia. It takes approximately 45 minutes from Denpasar City by car.

waka tangga

In the journey to Waka Tangga, there are a lot of challenging till you reach Tedung Peak. If you have the adventurous passion you can climb the cliffs. Up on the cliff you will see the unique Balinese rural beauty. You may also see the Petang village that still very natural and beautiful. This village is become one of agro tourism in Bali. There are many plantations, fruits, vegetables, flowers and green terraced rice fields.

The people called Waka Tangga is because before you reach the mountain, you will passing through many challenging to get to destination, in the journey you will feel the silence and the greatness of nature. The quiet atmosphere of this place is very suitable for the people who looking peaceful mind and soul.

After reaching the Tedung Peak, you will the ancient temple in the top of the peak. The ancient temple called Puncak Tedung Temple. This temple was built by the local people during Mengwi Kingdom as a tribute to Dang Hyang Nirarta who was travelling to the east of Bali. On the journey, he rested on the top of the peak and left the umbrella or in Balinese called as “Tedung”. According to the history, the umbrella was shining in the night. Because of the power, the king of Mengwi and local people built the temple and named as Tedung Peak Temple.

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The people who make the trip to Waka Tangga or those who climbing to this peak they are doing the spiritual journey. The absolute strong stamina is required to reach to the peak, but the stamina needed will pay by the peaceful and beauty of Waka Tangga.

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